Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Victory

Surveying the national news delivers plenty of indications that, while the rest of the world struggles with their still struggling economies and how to respond to the increasing complexities of the Middle East situation, Americans have gone bat-shit crazy. I keep being reminded of that old Twilight Zone episode where the people of a small town are so frightened by an unseen threat that they turn on one another and begin destroying everything they can get their hands on. While the Ponzi scheme unravels leaving more and more people out in the cold we desperatey look for someone to scapegoat. Reverend Phelps blames it on the homosexuals. Representative King blames it on American muslims. Glenn Beck blames it on conspiracies. Governor Walker blames it on teachers. 

Things are changing quickly and as change accelerates, as it surely will, we need to hold onto our sanity and reinforce the bonds between us, even when those who've traded in their souls for power actively work to drive us apart. 

It isn't all darkness and despair. Here in the enchanted state of New Mexico our Democratic congress just halted in its tracks our Republican Governor's latest attempt to divide us. Those at the rally and prayer vigil I attended the other night can breathe a short sigh of relief as the anti-immigrant license bill was voted down as having more to do with politics than public safety, notwithstanding the advocacy of State Senator Ryan who claims that "these people have no other business than to conduct crime and engage in illegal activities." an taxes?


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